What are sanctuary homes?

Monterey Bay Sanctuaries...the new definition of luxury
Distinctive Homes ~ Remarkable Settings
Do you own a property so fantastic that people are overcome by simply being there?  If that is true shouldn’t great marketing provide an experience as close as possible to visiting the property instantly, anywhere in the world?  Our Sanctuaries marketing campaigns are centered around completely custom multimedia websites, designed in-house, specifically for your distinctive estate property.  Featuring pictures, video and extensive information tailored to your property’s personality.  Complimented by a unique print campaign and our extensive agent networking system that directs those interested to the site we create.  Prospective buyers will not only hear that your property is available they will experience it, in all its’ grandeur.
When it comes to Sanctuaries properties we know the best thing to do is let them shine.  This means having special marketing where company logos and agent photos do not compete with the magnificence of your spectacular property.  Your Sanctuary is the star of the show.
View a sample of the online marketing we have done for our Sanctuaries properties.
Below are different print marketing we use for Sanctuaries.